What is pneumatic valve?

Pneumatics is a system that makes use of a difference in stress of compressed fuel or air for its operation. Such schemes comprise some of the exclusive mechanisms through which compressed gasoline is distributed. All collectively, they act as a centralized gadget.


Valves are used to govern, distribute and direct the flow in this structure. They carry out a guiding and dosing feature via locking and regulating factors.

Electromagnetic pneumatic valves are managed by using magnetic fields on coils and solenoids. Their working precept is quite simple. Current from an external electric supply is supplied to the coils. Interaction between the magnetic area inside the coils and in solenoid makes the valve stem circulate.

pneumatic valve are generally managed by way of the identical move of compressed air that operates within the pneumatic device. Its presence or absence affects their paintings in certain conditions.


Mechanical pneumatic valves are pushed by way of mechanical force, for instance, the use of a lever. There are many alternatives, as example in 90-diploma steps or a quarter flip variation. Most often, they perform easy tasks (beginning/ultimate).

The main traits that decide the sort of valve are some flow traces (ports) and possible mechanism positions. These numbers are continually primarily indicated in the valve traits.
The use of the signal between the numbers is not regulated and it could be chosen with the aid of a producer (4/three, 4-3, and many others.). The maximum not unusual models in pneumatic structures are valves with a three/2 and 5/2 scheme.